Robotic Lawn Mowing

Robotic lawn mowing is an option for any size lawn — big or small! Cardinal’s line of Husqvarna Automowers® and Honda Miimos provide range and versatility far superior to other brands, so you can keep your lot looking great, worry-free!

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0.4 Acre


0.4 Acre


0.75 Acre

430x 430xh

0.9 Acre | 70% Slope

435x AWD

1.25 Acre

450x 450xh

1.25 Acre

550x 550h EPOS

Multiple Mowers for Several Acres

Commercial & Residential

While many of our customers purchase our product for residential use, MyRoboLawn is also a great investment for commercial use as well! Running a business is enough work as it is, let us take care of your mowing needs for you!

Annual Service Contracts

We believe in servicing our customers beyond the initial sale. That’s why we offer annual service contracts to keep your mower at its peak performance.

Parts and Installation

In addition to the mowers themselves, we also have parts for mowers (in-store and available for shipment), offer installation services, and more. Meeting all of your needs is our priority!

In The News

“Watch your lawn mower cut your grass — while you sit on your front porch sipping a beer”
— Digital Trends

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Cardinal offers worry-free installation — we take care of everything! In our free, initial consultation, we will meet to map out the areas you want mowed. Then, when you’re ready, we’ll install the guidewires, make sure your equipment is well protected and we can even build a “dog house” for your new robo-pet! You won’t have to worry about a thing.



Turn your lawn into a robo-lawn, risk-free with Miimo or Automower®! We offer a 60 day return — no questions asked!


Our expert team will ensure that your Automower® or Miimo stays running at top performance all year long, and then come winter we’ll pick your equipment up, provide maintenance, and store your mower for you in a temperature-controlled, dry space until the grass is growing again. No more tripping over the lawn mower in the garage!

Cardinal will take care of everything!

Customer Support

At Cardinal, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with excellent service, support, and satisfaction. Our expert staff understands all aspects of robotic lawn mowing, and ensures your satisfaction. With over a million robotic lawn mowers in use, it’s no wonder customers are raving! Here’s what they have to say:

“…the yard looks great. I’m very happy I purchased it.”
— B. W. Cook

“Basically, the grass is now always perfect.”
— Georgia

Want a perfect lawn?

Hate to mow?

Have allergies?

Automated Lawn Mowing is Perfect for:

  • Good for any size lawn including slopes
  • Connecting lawns
  • Complicated lawn with narrow passageways
  • Elderly, disabled, or busy individuals
  • People who travel — mower can be monitored from your phone
  • People who hate mowing and do not feel secure allowing strangers to cut their lawn
  • People looking to spend more time with their family

Healthier Lawn

  • Low compaction with no tire marks because there is no heavy mower on your lawn
  • Continuously cut — operates rain or shine
  • 100% mulching
  • Low emissions
  • Reduced need for fertilizers and weed control chemicals
  • Mole deterrent


  • Easy to use
  • Never have to mow again
  • Smart phone connection and built-in GPS
  • Lightweight — Easy to transport
  • No need for storage space for a large mower
  • Cost effective — Low cost to operate
  • Automatically recharges — No more trips to gas station. Traditional mowers consume 1 to 2 gallons of fuel per hour!
  • 2 year warranty
  • Worry free with our 60 day money back guarantee including cost of installation


  • No grass clippings to rake
  • No grass in landscape beds
  • No smell of rotting grass
  • Low noise emissions
  • Allergy friendly — does not blow pollen and grass into air
  • Pet friendly — no long grass clippings for pets to track or eat


  • Mows steep slopes safely
  • Safe around children — 13,000 children are injured by traditional lawn mowers each year!
  • Built-in theft deterrent
  • Weather timer — mow only when needed